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Julia is a graphic designer and printmaker from Austria. Her work is guided by a love for the beauty in imperfection and misregistration of print. She designs with a touch of nostalgia, and allows her digital designs freedom in how they translate in different forms. Julia is driven by exploration and experimentation, using bold colours with new and distinct techniques. The designer now runs an independent Berlin-based studio, Don't Try Anything New - which focuses on printmaking and design, specialising in Riso printing.

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Sept 2021
Cape Town

Every Thought You’ve Ever Had

Music Video & Cover Design

Music video and cover design for Pan Well’s first solo release Every Thought You’ve Ever Had

Performed and recorded in Pan Well’s bedroom, Every Thought You've Ever Had is essentially about that - one’s thoughts, emotions and feelings that come rushing all at once.

The music video tells a story of one’s thoughts, emotions and feelings that come rushing all at once. Going on a journey which dip through the juxtaposed worlds of dark and light. Exploring intensity, tension, growth and a movement to euphoria - a trip through one’s mind.

The video is created in After Effects and fully riso printed at Dream Press, South Africa. It consists out of 1102 frames spread over x12 A3's, printed, scanned and put back together on the computer. The colours used are Yellow, Orange, Bright Red, Teal and Black.

Written, Produced, Performed & Mixed: Pan Well
Additional Production on ETYEH: Thor Rixon & Josh Hartdegen
Mastering: Ross Fink
Additional Animation: Tim Jardim

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