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Julia is a graphic designer and printmaker from Austria. Her work is guided by a love for the beauty in imperfection and misregistration of print. She designs with a touch of nostalgia, and allows her digital designs freedom in how they translate in different forms. Julia is driven by exploration and experimentation, using bold colours with new and distinct techniques. The designer now runs an independent Berlin-based studio, Don't Try Anything New - which focuses on printmaking and design, specialising in Riso printing.

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Mar 2021
Cape Town

Going Nowhere Slowly

Riso Animation

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A “deceivingly complex” collaboration between Julia Schimautz and Cult Wife’s Ines Soutschka to accomplish an animated poster. Combining their skills in Risograph print, design, colour theory and animation, the A3 Riso print was rescanned and 216 frames were arranged and composed to animate this creative union.

To read more: https://cultwife.com/going-nowhere-slowly/

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