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Julia is a graphic designer and printmaker from Austria. Her work is guided by a love for the beauty in imperfection and misregistration of print. She designs with a touch of nostalgia, and allows her digital designs freedom in how they translate in different forms. Julia is driven by exploration and experimentation, using bold colours with new and distinct techniques. The designer now runs an independent Berlin-based studio, Don't Try Anything New - which focuses on printmaking and design, specialising in Riso printing.

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Apr 2023

Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys 

Album Art + More

Album art and visual language for Lucy Kruger’s latest album, ‘Heaving’ - including a number of singles, Spotify canvas, the final album cover and record sleeve design.

The creative intention for this project was to evoke a sense of uneasiness; to unnerve the viewer and listener by using exaggerated colours to complement the album’s visceral and vivid storytelling.

The inner record sleeve portrays the lyrics as they are vocalised in the songs, showing sound and rhythm.

A mixed medium animation was created for the single, ‘Stereograph’.
This visual was inspired by stereoscopes, a device that takes two pictures of an object at slightly different angles so when seen together the images can show depth.

Two videos were shot, and then interwoven to create a single complex image. Along with DTAN Studio, Julia printed 148 frames from each video with an inkjet printer. Then in analog, they cut vertical slices from one set of frames and lay them over the second set - cutting and pasting by hand to allow for movement, shadow, and imperfection. The final layered frames were then scanned in and reassembled.  

The other various videos and singles were shot in Berlin and Cape Town. To tie all the work and different content together, photographs and animations were risoprinted which emphasised texture and moody imperfection.

Watch the lyrics video created with Cult Wife, Howl and Burning Building.

Photography by Francis Broek
Printed by DTAN Studio

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